Revolutionize patient diagnosis and treatment with Manta®

Manta® is an advanced clinical decision support system bridging the gap in global medical care.

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Revolutionize your research with Manta®

The strength of Manta® lies in its ability to rapidly and accurately analyze complex biomedical data from a patient, enabling rapid and accurate diagnosis, a crucial aspect in the fight against serious disease.

This capability enables rapid, reliable and tangible diagnosis: a vital element in the fight against serious diseases.

Thanks to this technology, every patient benefits from precision care, tailored to his or her pathophysiological condition and stage of disease.
Finally, Manta® promises to offer remote areas and developing countries the same access to care as large medical centers.

For healthcare professionals, insurance companies or employers concerned about the health of their employees, Manta® is a powerful decision-making companion that simplifies and rationalizes access to patient care.
It transforms the analysis of complex patient biological data into relevant, intelligible information, helping doctors to establish optimal treatment plans quickly and confidently.
This efficiency contributes to improved patient outcomes and a significant reduction in the length and cost of care, reducing the need for prolonged or ill-adapted treatments.


Harnessing language processing and deep learning models for accurate medical insights.

Pathology progression modeling

Unique digital twins mimic patient conditions, offering personalized treatment paths.

Multimodal data

Combines imaging, medical reports, and biological analyses for a comprehensive health overview.

Manta modules

DataLife Insight Module

DataLife Insight Module

Effortlessly navigate through complex biological data analysis

Acting as a an entry point to collect data coming from multiple biomedical sensors and technical platforms, Manta®'s digital DataLife Insight tool plays a critical role by analyzing a patient's Data.It accomodates a wide range of data such as integration of analysis of biological fluids (blood, plasma, urine), analyses from biomedical platform (genomics, transcriptome, proteome, metabolome, phenotype), or even semantical data as communications between clinicians.

This module matches the unique data of the patient with a specific disease from our vast library of numerical models of pathologies.

Digital Twins

Digital Twins

Interactive numerical disease models library

The chosen disease model is then enriched with the patient's real, up-to-date health information.

This integration step creates a "digital twin," aka a virtual version of the patient that mirrors their real condition. This provides the medical team with a detailed and dynamic overview of the patient's health status. While this would take several weeks, here on digital twins, analyses and tests can be performed in only few minutes, without any risk to the patient.

BioClarity Module

BioClarity Module

Uncover the Hidden Mechanics of Your Research with BioClarity

BioClarity enhances this analysis by exploring causality, hierarchy, and sequences of events within at all physiological scales, from intracellular to inter-organ levels.

Its deep understanding of the mechanisms of action allows BioClarity to precisely evaluate the disease's progression stage, incorporating actual medical data from the patient.

MoleculeAI Module

MoleculeAI Insight Module

Revolutionize your research with our in silico drug screening

Finally, the MoleculeAI Insight module steps in to recommend the most promising medication for treatment.

It reviews current treatment options, including potential therapeutic repositioning, and assesses the efficacy of new molecules.
This analysis is grounded in a comprehensive review of global biomedical research, enabling MoleculAI Insight to provide a precise therapeutic plan supported by scientific literature evidence, ensuring that each therapeutic proposition is based on the most current and relevant data.

Your Health Data secured on our servers, we do not share data with anybody

Also... You wonder about data security and device frugality? Well: here we need no cloud infrastructure, no data sharing. Manta® works autonomously on both smart phone or personnal computer, Manta® facilitate diagnostics and therapeutics decisions, even in remote environments, from medical desert as mining and off shore platforms, to deep space exploration.

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Time gain and Cost Reduction

ÔťöCost Reduction

Manta® reduces overall healthcare expenditures by minimizing misdiagnoses and ineffective treatments.

Precise diagnostic

ÔťöImproved Patient Outcomes

Quick and precise diagnostic capabilities lead to timely and effective treatment plans.

Quality and Global Accessibility

ÔťöGlobal Accessibility

Manta®'s digital reach ensures quality healthcare access, even in medically underserved regions.


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FAQ - Questions/Answers

Timely access to specialized diagnosis is crucial as delays can lead to worsening health conditions, especially in complex cases with comorbidities.
Manta® addresses this gap by providing rapid, accurate diagnostic insights, reducing wait times and improving patient outcomes, particularly in regions with limited access to specialist care.

Clinicians often face the overwhelming task of analyzing vast amounts of medical data.
Manta® simplifies this by integrating and interpreting diverse data sources, such as imaging, medical reports, and biological analyses, using advanced AI algorithms.
This aids clinicians in making more informed and efficient decisions.

Manta® democratizes access to advanced medical diagnostics, particularly in medically underserved areas.
Its digital platform enables clinicians in remote locations to provide high-quality care by offering quick and comprehensive diagnostic insights, thus overcoming geographical and resource barriers.

By providing accurate and timely diagnoses, Manta® helps to reduce unnecessary procedures, medication errors, and hospital readmissions.

This not only improves patient outcomes but also significantly lowers healthcare costs for both providers and patients.

Manta®'s AI algorithms are continually updated with the latest medical research and data.
This ensures that its diagnostic and therapeutic suggestions are in line with current best practices, providing clinicians with up-to-date information to make informed treatment decisions.

Yes, Manta®'s user-friendly and AI-driven platform enables non-medical personnel in remote areas to obtain accurate medical diagnostics.
This is especially valuable in environments where professional medical assistance is not readily available, ensuring timely health interventions.

Manta®'s integration of the DataLife Insight, BioClarity, and MoleculAI Insight modules provides a groundbreaking approach to personalized medicine.

From the initial detailed analysis of a patient's unique biological makeup to the creation of a dynamic digital twin and the precise determination of treatment strategies, Manta® ensures that each patient receives a highly tailored treatment plan.

This method not only enhances the accuracy and effectiveness of medical care but also aligns it with the latest scientific research, paving the way for a new era in precision healthcare.